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One-on-One Walk and Talk

Solvitur Ambulando - It is solved by walking
— Diogene

Based on this statement from a greek poet, I believe that we can solve many of our problems and find incredible solutions when we simply tune back in to nature.

Research shows that walking three times a week at one's own natural pace for just 40 minutes increases brain connectivity and cognitive performance and helps combat the effect of age.

Join me for a vigorous walk and talk session outside for one hour.

Enjoy the uplifting power of the outdoors while engaging in thoughtful and purposeful conversation. Feel the fresh air and clear your mind to make room for creativity and planning. You'll be on your way to feeling incredible every day!

Location to be determined by us together.

One-on-One Ongoing Coaching

Are you ready to ignite change in your life? 

This consultation will focus on how to become the whole incredible you. Let's analyze and investigate what is working in your life. I can assist you in discovering places where you might need improvement and more fulfillment.

Learn to let go of fear and limiting beliefs that block you from your own brilliance. We'll create a plan and learn techniques to uncover the passions and purposes that you would like to achieve.

Let's clear out the old patterns so that nothing is blocking your progress or aspirations to create the life you desire. I want to help tune up your body and mind to make your life magnificent!

Location to be determined by us together.

Ann was so easy to talk to! She was able to untangle my mess and help me sort out where to redirect my focus. I’m so so grateful for her insight and help.
— Becky G.

Radical Reboot

Is it time to find new direction in your life?

This offering is designed for someone who is seeking a radical reboot in all areas of their life. Daily meetings combining discussions and implementations in the areas of:

  • Life coaching: make choices and a plan to create a better you.

  • Exercise: discover what fitness options work best for your body

  • Yoga: learn mindful breathing and moving to satisfy your soul

  • Healthy eating: learn easy choices which fuel your body to be strong and energetic

  • Wardrobe: clean out the old, bring in some new and learn what works best on you and allows you to feel amazing

  • Home environment: redecorate or simply de-clutter, with the idea that you should surround yourself in things that reflect how you like to feel

Let's talk about it all! Feel incredible every day. 

Fee: Available Upon request

Ann reminds people of what it’s like to be really alive.
This was an eye opener for me. You have ways of dissecting things and making me see them from another side.
— Life Coaching Client

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Feel incredible...every. single. day.

Feel incredible...every. single. day.