Fall is a great time to reconnect, rejuvenate and go inside.

This time of the year offers your body and mind an opportunity to dive back inward and feel comfort and connection with what brings you peace and joy. The temperatures get colder and the days get shorter.

This time of the year is a perfect time to get your body and spirit back on track. What might work best for you is getting back on a schedule and routine of exercise, self-care, meditating, and journaling.

I advise people to tune into the following when trying to give your body a jump start:

  1. Start today. With one thing. Maybe you commit time to a walk. Or you start a new yoga class. Plan one movement-based activity per day. If you can do that outside, even better. The power of nature and the crisp air definitely breathe new life into your mind. So many people say to me "I have fallen off my routine for so long" or "I don't want to start from scratch again." We have to stay in today, the present. Looking backwards will continue to draw you back to an old feeling or story and that is long gone. If it helps to involve a friend to keep you accountable, call them up. Many people feel like you and are embarrassed to ask.

  2. Meditate or sit quietly every day. Start with closing your eyes and simply listen to your breath for one minute! If you have to use the words inhale, and exhale, do so. If you gradually move up to 10 minutes you will start to notice the difference. It may take 4 weeks of practice before you can build up your time. Stay constant and practice.

  3. Plan meals that are based around vegetables and plants and add in protein. The more clean eating you do the more you will feel stronger, healthier, and refreshed. Look at your plate. It should be a multitude of colors from your vegetables with a piece of protein added in.

Let’s talk about getting you into a schedule or routine that is enjoyable, productive and gets results!