Ann Richards

Speaker and Life Coach  

I am a motivator.

My passion is to inspire groups and individuals to be the best possible version of themselves. That passion is now my purpose. I am truly alive and full of excitement, as I am completely living within this purpose. It is possible to wake up with joy every day and I want to share this opportunity and knowledge with the world.  

I have been working in the physical exercise industry for over 15 years, creating my own business to motivate others. I started practicing and eventually teaching yoga, intuitively following my spiritual path. Witnessing the healing that occurs for people in both body and soul has been truly rewarding. My professional journey has led me from the teaching weight lifting to teaching pathfinding, purpose-seeking and life realignment.

During my classes and sessions, I excel in delivering messages that resonate in a meaningful way. Born with an innate ability to 'read a room' or dial into an individual's needs, I'm able to connect and inspire. 

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