Are you stuck in a rut?  

The good news is you have no where to grow but up! 

I have been there, stuck in pain or sadness. Stuck feeling lost, confused, and not inspired. And the good news is you can pull yourself up and out. I like to think of this as my rut removal system.

Getting out of this place is not always easy, and sometimes we stay here for a while, even years. It is safe and becomes comfortable. We are certain of our surroundings, and know what to expect; not much.  

I remember the rut I was in surrounding the limbo of  pre-divorce. I clearly was not happy, if you were close to me you knew I was practically a different person. I would cry in yoga a lot, and have to leave early so I didn't have to talk to anyone. 

I was suffering because I really had no direction and was simply existing for my kids.  My hashtag now is #expandhappiness. Looking back I would have looked at you and said Hell is here on earth. This is why I do not judge anyone's situation or rut. I have been there - dug out and am living proof you can do it!

Some people spend far too long here, and many choose to use this rut as their ongoing crutch about why they are sad, bored, depressed and confused.
— Ann Richards, Life Coach

Sometimes we blame our place here on other people; friends, family, partners, children. We can use our job, our bodies, our dissatisfaction with these things to stay in this rut which can actually become very cozy. It becomes our routine. We complain, we hide, and can easily slip into a place where there is no growth. Some people spend far too long here, and many choose to use this rut as their ongoing crutch about why they are sad, bored, depressed and confused.

These are low level energies. The more you choose to reside there the more you will receive these energies in return. Perhaps you have noticed that those who surround you have similar complaints or situations. Remember, you attract what you are.  

Luckily I had some strong friends in my life who reminded me of my abilities and gifts. Tammy Lyons saw me teach spin class and said "You can teach Yoga; you have a gift in teaching." Those words inspired me to dive into Yoga Teacher Training. I started to feel my way back to who and what I wanted to be. 

Life is short and I am sure you know a few people who have become ill or perhaps even have passed that would give everything to be ALIVE. In this rut you are barely living. There are no excuses. You have been given seeds - gifts really - and you have to use them to give back to this world. It is up to you and only you to dig in and give those seeds some attention and start to get some roots.

OK, where do you start? Rut removal starts with planting some seeds.

  • Remember. When an where were you last really happy? If you cannot recall ask some of your friends or family. When were you last jumping for joy? What do you do that makes you feel amazing? It could be physical (running, yoga) or mental (teaching, reading, writing) or even emotional (giving friends advice). Get after it.
  • Move. Usually we need some movement to shake off the darkness, as in dancing, walking. 
  • Laugh! Listen to some great comedy or go see a hilarious movie. Sometimes, we really need to SHAKE IT OFF! There is Taylor Swift, Mariah Carey, and Florence and the Machine...they all had to do it I am sure.  
  • Serve. Oftentimes we feel happy when we are somehow helping others. Is there part of your daily work that allows you to serve others in some way? We have all been given gifts which allow us to serve others. For many of us these gifts have never been given our attention.  

Then, grow some roots.

  • Use your gifts. In order for these seeds to grow they need loads of attention. WHERE YOUR ATTENTION GOES THE ENERGY FLOWS! If you want to see your gifts and the love and goodness inside you develop, you have to recognize them. Thank your higher power you have them, and then put them to use. Immediately! Even it is not be what you are used to doing. 
  • Seek good advice. From a good friend, mentor or COACH! They are there and available to you. 

Do not waste the seeds you were given. They grow roots quickly. You in turn will start to feel good, then great, then amazing. This process may take some time but it was meant to be. Take a look around there are gorgeous flowers everywhere. You should be one too.

Tell me how you got stuck in your rut.