If you have begun the process of moving forward there are some things to remember.

I speak from experience.

  1. You will probably get really overwhelmed and feel a little off balance. Totally normal. This is a giant change, and everything feels it. Your body, brain, kids, dogs, family, friends. You are breaking through a huge cocoon. 

    You are ready to create a whole new life, and this is big stuff. If you have given birth you know the pain that comes with starting a life. Breathe and be, breathe and be.
  2. Do not make any giant decisions, including moving. Moving is a big one. Take a second and think about if you really need to or just want to. What would work best for everyone involved? Consider all of the options before you go spend any money. 

    I look back on some of the places where I was going to move immediately and feel relief that I did't pull that trigger. We have a tendency to really want to get out and go. 

    If there are kids involved think about what they need. My kids definitely needed some security. At their ages, security meant their bedrooms, their stuff, in their place. One parent leaving was hard enough. They didn't want to leave too. If you realize that your setting is dragging you down and backwards you probably have to go. Just think it through and call one of your realtor friends, or call me because I have realtor friends. When I was ready, the perfect place presented itself to me.  
  3. Forgive yourself. I promise you will need to again and again. You are super strong and will be totally fine. I second guessed myself a lot, and worried and doubted and cried. I had swollen eyes and what felt like a broken body and sometimes spirit. It's all ok. You will survive. I did it, and so many men and women have done the same, with great happiness and success. YOU will not only survive, you are going to THRIVE.   

Where are you in the divorce process? I want you to tell me about it.

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