Thank you for helping change me, one session at a time.
-Sam H.

Ann was a breath of fresh air at KeyBank. Her message was relevant and resonated with our recruits. 
— Erin Cunningham, Key Bank

This morning's Hot Powerful Flow with Ann was definitely the most fun I've had in a yoga class. The energy of a packed room, moving to the music, snapping our fingers to the beat (btw, it takes the discomfort of holding chair pose away) and laughing our way through it all. F-U-N. The best way to start my day, by far! Thank you so much, Ann, and all the yogis who I'm sure enjoyed the class as much as I. Your energy is infectious!

Thank you for class today. It seemed to be built just for me. Every pose, every song, the pace, the intention to smile. It matched everything I'm going through, down to the details of the moment. THANK YOU!! You're incredible!  You've touched my life deeply. Your inspiration was the first to take me from stiff and cringing and scared to transforming into the thriving person I know I can be. I'm changing more every day. Thank you for lighting my fire!

Ann inspires me in so many ways. She has great energy, she lights up a room. I particularly admire her ability to see goodness; her uplifting attitude to life is contagious. One of Ann's signature strengths is that she makes each person she interacts with feel special. People want to be around her. In her work she nurtures and inspires the whole self. She truly wants people to feel their best.
- Sara Green, Passionfood Health Coaching

I was in your Thursday night hot and powerful class. It was absolutely fabulous. Thank you so much for that. Your playlist was awesome. There was a song you played during savasana that I absolutely loved. Thank you again for sharing your gift!

Ann Richards is a true inspiration to so many around her – family, friends, colleagues, clients, and those that are lucky enough to fit into her tightly-packed yoga classes at Inner Bliss! Her energy is certainly contagious and you can’t help but feel motivated to succeed when interacting with Ann. She is also a healing person, as she understands the human body and what the body requires to gain strength. I have been fortunate enough to work with Ann over the past 3 years, and feel the results of her transformation. Her style is unique, while her attitude is uplifting. You can’t help but think of the positive and move towards greatness with how Ann trains the body, mind, and soul. I love that she is now becoming not only a personal trainer, but a Life Coach, as she is SO much more than just a personal trainer.  Her coaching is derived from understanding people, what makes them tick, what motivates them in life, and how to match the strength of the body with that of the mind. Ann is destined for even further greatness in her already successful life and career; I would be the first to recommend her to my best of friends and colleagues.  As a business professional with a 50-60 hour work week and significant travel, I can certainly vouch for her success and assistance in transforming the lives she touches. I am grateful for Ann as a Life Coach and empowering yoga and spin instructor.
- Kimberly L., Senior Legal Business Operations Manager, PNC Financial Services, Inc.

Holy healing powers! Came to class with major issues/pain in my right sacral region and left feeling 1000% better! I can bend and stand straight again! So much gratitude. My back was killing my for the past 2 days (i always have "sacral crunch" but this was really bad) complete relief now!
- Jennifer



As a fellow yoga teacher, I have to say that I really enjoy your teaching style. You are positive, fun, inspirational and give us a great workout without knowing it because we're either singing along to your music or laughing. Thank you for all that you do which includes bringing enthusiasm and lightheartedness to your class!! Thanks for being a great teacher.  

You truly bring out the best in everyone, remind them to be their best which is a gift. Thank you!
-Heather R.

I don't know what just happened in that class, but it was magical and I feel like you got a steal at $14 you are the best, thank you.
- Erin P.

Your class beyond hit the spot today!  My back was killing me and i feel so much better!  Thank you for being amazing and a mindreader. Cheers!
- Jennifer G.

Thanks Ann, your workout was fun and some parts challenging. Views of downtown skyline super, and love the jazz music! I'm 64, did triathlons, P90x, Insanity, boot camps, and enjoy adding yoga workouts.
- Roger M.

Ann's classes are seriously the best. I always walk out feeling energized and happy and stronger
- Colleen M.