When you are living on purpose with your passion there is an incredible feeling of joy in your life!

I have been moving my body to feel better since I began dancing around 8.  I continued dance and in college began teaching aerobics. I chose to do this because I always felt amazing while moving my body – especially to music. In New York city there were numerous studios that taught incredible dance/aerobics classes. I was at one of these studios every day. The passion I had for exercising was incredible. When I moved to Cleveland I continued on this journey and after I was married I had a strong desire for children.

My new passion was literally born with my first daughter Lily. She was a dream come true. An incredible baby with a very old soul. I fell in love, and was driven by this passion for mothering that I followed with two more.  Isabella, and then Kyle. I definitely found an incredible purpose within this passion. I was determined to give this purpose all of my efforts and to raise incredible kids. I felt this passion alive even in the most difficult moments (of which there are many). My passion for being a mother gave me an amazing purpose at this time of my life. I gave it one hundred percent attention and raised my children with love and devotion. The results have been incredible! I couldn’t be more proud and blessed with fantastic kids.

Our passion is what excites us! That fuels purpose.
— Ann

Kyle was a very big baby – over 10 pounds and 21 inches long. I carried him around while chasing Bella and shuttling Lily. The results were that I became extremely strong. I started more weight training and working out again at the gym, and my passion of exercise was reborn. I wanted other people to feel as strong and powerful as me so my passion became my new purpose. I created my own personal training business, and was instantly overwhelmed with clients that I was determined to inspire. They may have had very little ambition or strength; however I knew that once they started to feel good they would want to continue. 

I have been thrilled to watch people grow stronger and healthier in one-on–one training and eventually teaching spin classes. My passion for music drove me to love spin and eventually want be the “DJ”.  Another aha! moment when I blended two of my favorite passions – music and exercise! Another purpose – as a spin teacher was born.

I started yoga because I was up so early with Kyle and there was a yoga show on the Oprah channel at this early hour. I watched and learned while Kyle crawled under my downward dog, and lay under for kisses in chatarunga. He was so distracting; but this is the only time I had to practice.  And he always made me laugh. I was instantly hooked on how the practice felt in my body and the meditative effects it had on my hectic days. 

I had found another passion!  I started taking classes the Inner Bliss with Tammy Lyons at her first studio. I felt truly alive from the inside of my body and soul. My whole being was essentially getting a tune-up during each class. Eventually I wanted to share this passion with others so that they could feel amazing in their bodies and minds. The excitement and passion I have for yoga created another purpose in my life.

I now combined many passions. I am challenging individual in their physical bodies, creating interesting, beautiful, and rocking playlists, and have added the beauty of slowing down people’s minds and helping them to connect with their souls through Yoga.

I look back and know that I was just listening and staying on my path, continually fueled by a new purpose. This path has been incredibly rocky at times (another blog, another time) and exciting and overwhelming.

I have followed numerous self-help gurus and modern thinkers over the years and have employed many of their strategies and ideas in my own life. They have steered me back on my path on numerous occasions. I share theses thoughts out loud in classes and  privately with numerous clients.    

One of my students asked me to do some motivational speaking for an event at her office. I was thrilled and scared and excited all at once. I prepared and felt confident for the speaking engagement. As I began to speak the words fell out of my mouth and I lost all nervousness and fear. I felt like I was home, and found another purpose in my life!

As far back as I can remember I wanted to be on stage and in the movies, and I was! I acted locally as a child and pursued this passion in NYC. I had success and loved this field. I still have an agent and continue to work; however this world took a back seat when my kids were born. I realize that this older passion of being in front of people – essentially on a stage had been rejuvenated. 

I took all of my beliefs and passions – physical, spiritual , mental and emotional and combined them in a way that my audience could understand and be inspired. They listened intently. I could feel my energy reaching them, and they tuned in and gave me their attention. It was a magical moment!

I was overjoyed and lit up from the inside out! 

When we truly find our purpose it is a way to serve others! This is my new service. I want to inspire others through sharing and communicating ideas, topics, and thoughts which can expand human potential and allow others to see their path. I can take my knowledge from my path, and all that I have learned and share this excitement with those around me! 

When I wake up I am fueled my incredible passion for all of these purposes – mostly my kids - and my life is filled with JOY and HAPPINESS!