Ann, Tammy, and Lanie at  Believe in CLE 2015

Ann, Tammy, and Lanie at Believe in CLE 2015

I am filled with gratitude that these two women are close friends of mine. 

Their presence in my life has touched me so deeply on many levels.

These incredible yoga teachers have enriched so many lives - including mine - in the Cleveland community. I adore them both and have learned so much from the both of them.

Their teaching styles are incredibly different, illustrating the Yin and the Yang of Yoga. The two of them combined essential makes the “yoke” or union of the practice. Tammy is vigorous and powerful, while Lanie is more gentle and layered. Both of them are thought-provoking and fierce in their belief in the magic of the practice of Yoga.

I attend both of their classes weekly, and find so much beauty and inspiration in their teaching.  We have laughed together, cried together, and have had immense joy and sorrow together. 

I love these women because they are real. The beauty of their teaching is through years of work facing truths – some easy, many not, and all so necessary to carve a path.

I appreciate diverse traits among friends and associates. Each person has an inestimable and potential impact on my worldview and life choices. 

Open mind, open possibilities!