My mom was really a fantastic homemaker. 

She made seven of us breakfast, usually a hot lunch, and always dinner with dessert. 

My siblings are continually amazed that we were never overweight because we ate so many meals and snacks, and desserts. We ate real food daily. Lots of meat, potatoes, and vegetables. Although we really did not know it, we were pretty spoiled.

When I left for college in New York, I became a vegetarian. I was tired of meat and decided to try a new way of eating. I remained a vegetarian for almost 25 years. New York had the most delicious pasta I had ever tasted, and I ate it with frequency. The pizza was absolutely incredible, and the breads! Bagels from H and H, and rolls from Zabar's were my sustenance. I was a vegetarian but I also overloaded on the carbs! I never was really aware of this habit until I came back to Cleveland, got married and had children. I started to cook delicious vegetables and make salads and felt better than when I existed on carbs. I always ate fish and began to eat more sushi.

When I was pregnant I craved meat. Red juicy steaks and hamburgers looked so good to me, but I resisted. I thought they were sort of evil, and my vegetarian habits were more healthy. However, instead of the meat I ate loads of white food. Potatoes, ice cream, and pasta made my belly feel good, and consequently huge!

I’ve learned that my heart is a muscle. Since I work it out all the time, it needs to be nourished!
— Ann

I have an incredible wellness doctor that has kept me sane and healthy for many years. I believe fully in preventative care. She has urged me for many years to start eating meat. Your heart is a muscle, she says, and you work it out all the time - it needs to be nourished! I resisted for years until recently. I read a great book called Grain Brain by David Perlmutter, MD. It suggests that many of our diseases and silent killers stem from eating an overabundance of carbs and sugar. It is a very compelling book.

My mom passed away from Alzheimer's Disease. Dr. Perlmutter has some great facts and research about why we need to eat way more protein, specifically meat, and enormous amounts of fats. Carbohydrates and low-fat foods create some havoc in our bodies. I will do anything I can to prevent any disease, especially what I witnessed after the decline of my Mom. All diseases are tragic, and watching this strong and smart woman rapidly suffer with dementia makes me want to do anything in my power to prevent this from happening to me.  

I now load up on fats and proteins. Butter and coconut oil in my coffee along with half and half is my new daily ritual. Bulletproof coffee is the name, and it is delicious. My current regimen includes:

  • Proteins at every meal, like tuna, meat and cheese
  • Loads of nuts
  • Tons  of greens
  • Eggs
  • No wheat or sugar, which has definitely made me feel better

Hopefully in the long run this way of eating will keep my brain healthy and strong.

I love to talk nutrition and whole body health. What are you eating?