I have had moments when it was difficult to escape the pain or sorrow and burdens in which my thoughts were consumed. Then my moment of clarity arrived.

Last summer I was visiting the lovely island of Bermuda. 

I would highly recommend this island as a destination. The beauty of the island is magnificent. The water is crystal blue, and some of the beaches are actually pink! The locals are very proud of their island and will tell you they are most proud of the fact that they have a very low unemployment rate. It is one of the few islands to which I have travelled that one does not witness abject poverty and homelessness.

I spent hours in the crystal blue water and walking on those pink sand beaches; healing moments I find so important from the sun, sand, and salt water. One afternoon i was climbing up a steep and winding hill with the most amazing views. I was completely awestruck by the beauty of nature that I found myself frozen in the moment. I was filled with the sweetest joy and gratitude so strong that I was moved to tears. The colors of the flowers and the trees so vivid, the light ocean breeze singing softly, the scent of the tropics, and the vibrant blue in the sky captured a moment in time I will never forget. I felt the presence of a higher power and also an incredible hand at my back moving me up the climb. It was magical and I stayed in that bliss for hours.  

I realized in that moment that so many of life's challenging climbs and difficult journeys are rarely enjoyed with majestic scenery and clear blue waters. In those moments we can rarely escape the pain or sorrow and burdens in which our thoughts are consumed. I have been there, and struggled and climbed up the hill without witnessing the beauty. I have cried tears of pain and confusion - not tears out of bliss. In those moments there were no birds singing in the background or white puffy clouds hanging in the sky.

I know now that in every climb or struggle there is that incredible moment when we can look back and really and truly understand why we may have needed that journey. The moment when we can actually appreciate the beautiful vista. That was my moment. I never saw it coming, and now I know that it is possible for all of us to one day feel that clarity. It may take some people months or even years to understand the climb and why they may have needed that journey, but I am certain that it is possible for everyone.  

I have learned to appreciate and love all of the moments, even the most challenging ones. I cried that day because I have succeeded in moving forward and recognized the pain it took to get there. It was not easy, and for a long time it felt insurmountable. However, it made me strong and pointed me in the  directions where I needed to go to grow.

My perspective is finally clear, and I feel joy consistently. There will always be new hills, and challenges and in those moments I now focus on accepting and appreciating what surrounds me in this journey, and that can be magical.