Today is the day that I completed my 21 day cleanse.

I feel accomplished and clean.

I feel realigned, reset, and ready to go! 

I feel realigned, reset, and ready to go! 

I also feel very clear in my brain, which definitely feels super great. I have had many clients and friends ask what exactly I did and why so I thought I would do some explaining. 

Towards the end of a tremendously fun summer my body felt heavy and my mind felt cloudy. I knew exactly what I had to do - wipe it clean. I made the decision of what I intended to do.

The word decision comes from the Latin word meaning to cut off.  When we really make a decision we choose to cut off all other options. There is no plan B - no ifs ands or buts. I had to truly dig in to what my decisions were and stick to them. So often we make decisions, and at the same time leave a crack open for an alternative. Then, there is no real decision. There is always an option out. I could have made options like - pizza on Sunday or cream in my coffee because it's not that much dairy. It's my girlfriend's birthday and she needs a proper toast! All of these would have been options or distractions to outweigh my decision. I was determined to stick to my 21 day goal. If I am going to talk to people all day about the power of our mind and goals I had to walk the walk.

I am thrilled I did it! I started with a fast. Seriously for one day - water and that is it. Honestly not that bad for a day. I then followed with a 3 day juice fast from Anna In the Raw. She knows her stuff and handed me three 6 packs of juice for the next 3 days. I loved the choices geared toward detoxification, and they were delicious. I was not hungry.    

I started out with a 3 day juice fast from Anna in the Raw.

I started out with a 3 day juice fast from Anna in the Raw.

I chose to go Raw for about a week after the juices. This felt marvelous. I ate carrots, celery, seaweed, cucumbers, and salad with olive oil. I also ate berries. These were my personal choices based upon what iI intuitively felt my body needed. I chose to exclude all dairy - goodby yummy cheese - although I have eaten way to much all summer, and I adore half and half in my coffee - so I had to adjust. I allowed myself one cup of black coffee per day. I cut out sugar which was not a giant effort for me because I have cut way back years ago. I also cut out all unhealthy carbs.   I ate no bread, pasta, rice, or anything white.  I discovered cauliflower rice and broccoli rice which are really delicious and filling.  

The last week I added in some protein and some cooked vegetables. I also did colon hydrotherapy from Carol at In Carol's Care. I felt like the timing was right because I was going to put nothing evil back into my body for a week or two after the colon cleansing. I must admit it is a strange feeling during the process, and wow does it do the job! I never felt more light in my life! 

What I missed the most was red wine,  and my own homemade margarita - which if you have been lucky enough to try - you would understand. This was a huge effort, I will not lie.  Again I only succeeded because I made a clear decision - with a goal. And it worked! I may go till day 24 or 25 before I have a toast - to myself!

I kept my workout schedule. I teach spin three times a week and usually take a class for a fourth day. I climb stairs at the gym two days a week, and do yoga four to five times a week. I still felt really great. I went way back on weight work due to the limited protein. Some of the yoga classes I took were slow or restorative.   

I chose to stay home and reconnect, and I meditated often.

I chose to stay home and reconnect, and I meditated often.

I chose to stay home and reconnect. I also meditated often - two to three times a day. I took long walks with Sunny, and kept my voice quiet. I needed to really slow down and be quiet so I could listen. With my brain and body more clear I could listen more closely to my truths. I had to remove some of the layers that were keeping me very safe, and some of the habits that were keeping me comfortable but not allowing me to skyrocket forward. I listened to some of my favorite gurus, and talked to some as well.

I also got massages, and sat in the sauna - great for detoxing and meditating! I had luckily just been introduced to Neal's Yard Remedies while speaking at a conference. I discovered some amazing products that are clean, organic and safe for the environment. I started using them, and cleared out my cabinets and drawers of many products that were filled with chemicals - a cabinet cleanse! I've been really impressed with the results.

I feel realigned, reset, and ready to go! I dare you to try it. It was not easy I will admit;  I had some moments of weakness. I kept however coming back to my decision, and my goals. When we create a goal and set an intention there will always be some challenges. The reward is always on the other side of the climb. I know you will feel amazing...cleanse your body, cleanse your mind!

Please contact me with questions and success stories! 

Much love,

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