Can a life coach change your life forever?  YES!

Often I am asked by friends, family and students, "Why would someone need a life coach?"  


I reply by asking, "Do you wake up every day and feel incredible? Do you live your life with purpose and feel that you are giving back to the world?  Do you live with focus and commitment? Do you feel fantastic?"

Often times I am met with, "Well, no one I know feels like that," and that is a clear misunderstanding. I live like that and so do many of my peeps! That is why I surround myself with them. It is possible to soak up all of life's blessings, the great and the not so great, and move forward with a passionate curiosity and interest in cultivating your best life ever!  

    Here's how and why:

    1. You need accountablility.

      When you really want to make serious changes you have to talk about them and make some strong commitments. I want to work with you on helping to make goals. These are goals that are realistic and attainable as agreed upon by both me and YOU! When you actually tell someone else, especially outside of your inner circle, what you intend to do it holds you accountable. If you don't write it down or say it out loud, it rarely happens. And if it doesn't happen we will discuss those reasons too, and readjust and reorganize the goals. Consistent, scheduled, clear discussions hold you accountable.
    2. An outside perspective is key.

      Friends and family are great to talk with. However, sometimes a fresh set of eyes can change the way we look at everything.

      I like to say that I can change your lens on your life. Let me help you look at your situation or your challenge in a new way. You may have had tons of advice over the years from those closest to you, but somehow you always end up back at the same intersection. Stuck, and never knowing where to turn. I want to shine a light on the deepest corners of yourself where the truth is. Where you discover your true talents, passions and desires. Most of our lives we have made decisions to please other people. Now is the time for you to discover where you truly come alive.
    3. Carved out time to focus on you!

      Let's face it. We spend most of our day wrapped up with work, family, friends and details. Our needs and desires usually end up lost in the list. We end up taking care of everyone else in our lives and wonder why we are continually stressed, depressed or unmotivated.

      When you lose sight of your purpose or wonder if you ever had one, it is time to start giving yourself some attention. Where we place our attention grows in our life. 


    As an experienced life coach, I can help you to understand:

    • Where it is you are stuck and why
    • What it is that is holding you back from your biggest most amazing life
    • Why you have great ideas and then lose interest in enacting them 

    If you want to feel great, look great and exude joy and happiness it's time to do some discovery about what brings you to life!