I would have never chosen to walk on hot coals.  

It was definitlely not something I ever planned on doing nor was on my radar as a cool bucket list choice.  

I was actually totally ready to leave (the Tony Robbins event) before I was forced to take this challege; however, this is part of the reason I had come to the event - to Unleash The Power Within! I had to actually unleash some pretty fierce power. It was similar to Oprah's experience!

I had been studying Tony Robbins in my life coaching training for almost a year. I enjoyed witnessing his powerful teaching techniques and brilliant breakthroughs with people. I was amazed and also transformed on many levels.

We are always good at what we enjoy, and want more of that. I wanted to experience way more breakthroughs and enlightened presentations. I ate it up like candy. I could have listened for days. I love learning and growing and then sharing these tools in my coaching and speaking.  

What I don't love is pain, and I don't really enjoy pushing physical edges. Don't get me wrong; I am at my best teaching a high-energy spin classes, and love the thrill of a fantastic Hot Powerful Flow Yoga. Those challenges are still in my comfort zone. I have become good at them. We love to do more of that at which we actually enjoy, as hard as it may be.  

When experiences, situations, people or events give us discomfort, our natural inclination is to move away from them. What I clearly saw and witnessed for myself was that these same experiences give us an opportunity to grow, learn, and move forward to another level of life! I did not want to walk on hot coals because I knew it would be uncomfortable and my limiting belief was that I was clearly not capable of such an act. I could not do it because I wasn't strong enough or smart enough or secure enough...we could go on and on with excuses why we choose to avoid situations. What is holding us back is simply an old belief or story that we have made into our truth. We have adopted this belief because it is safe and we do not have to change.  

People stay in these limiting beliefs their whole lives! Limiting beliefs become a person's entire existence. It is safe there. It is secure there. Breaking through a belief that at one time we thought was our truth takes incredible courage and power.

We all have this power. It is up to us to dig in and use it. I promise that once you break through this old story or belief you too will feel incredibly empowered!