I am loving recording my podcast, P.E.P. Talks!

Passion Equals Purpose is something I wholeheartedly believe in and live myself. 

I wanted to share this concept on a level that could reach the masses. 

I am really pleased at the enthusiasm and great feedback I have been receiving. People ask me how I got started and comment that I sound so professional yet real, and approachable. This is exactly what I wanted to convey.  

I do believe that when we are inspired by a thought or idea we are definitely supported by the universe to flow forward. 

In-spired means In Spirit, and that is exactly how I feel about this podcast project. It felt very organic and simple yet I was definitely unsure about how to make all the details i.e. microphones, sound equipment, editing fall into place. However, I did not let that stop me. I really did have full faith that it would all work out in divine order. 

I had some guests in mind and was certain that they would want to come on and share their stories. I started to do the research of engineering a podcast, and then the Universe stepped in and opened some doors allowing the right people and place for recording to fall into my lap!

Like the guests that I am interviewing, I believe that when you love what you are doing and want to share your passion with the world, the timing, people, circumstances and opportunities magically do fall into place. There definitely needs to be an intention and a purpose to your idea. That is the work. The mental muscle needs to be pumping for any outcome to happen. I knew what I wanted to do and why I wanted this to happen. I had very clear focus for the direction of the podcast, and it worked!

The conversations on P.E.P. Talks flow naturally. They are not forced. I have enjoyed them all immensely, and I hope you do too! I have many more great guests lined up with incredible stories, all of whom will help show you that your own dreams and passions can come true.

My passion has always been to help others see how they can be a better version of themselves, and if they really tune in to what their passion is they can create an amazing life. This is my own passion and now I get to share this message on a much bigger stage!

Join in my fun! SUBSCRIBE, RATE and REVIEW P.E.P. Talks, and as always, email me your own questions or comments. We can chat!