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I recently had the pleasure of teaching yoga to a group in the Turks and Caicos.

I could not have asked for a more scenic and beautiful location to allow me to do what I LOVE: teaching yoga and helping people to raise their own energy level.

I taught to men, women, older and younger. Some were advanced, some were beginners. A few had never taken a yoga class in their life! Most of them were not American. They were from France, South America, México and Central America. Often they were not sure what I was saying.

These students came back every day and did more yoga. A few of the poses were challenging and they might have gotten frustrated. When people cannot find balance they get annoyed; I witness this over and over. An airplane pose or even tree pose can create serious dissatisfaction to the student.

I remind students that this path is all about letting go of that moment and moving forward. The spiritual path is a constant releasing of any judgment or anger, and learning from it to move forward.

I am certain that some of these words they did not even understand. They were coming back to class because they left feeling better. They left feeling lighter, more alive, open, happy and loving. They felt that release and stepped forward, and they let go!

Most of the names of the poses they did not know. Many of my words were foreign to them, but I helped them feel good - better - and that’s why they came back. That is the power of yoga.

I was thrilled to be the witness of their progress. People will always remember how you make them feel!

I would love to lead your group, your team, your company and lift them for one hour, one weekend or one week! Reach out to me for more information about I can help you and your people feel better!