I really enjoy working with people one-on-one.

Often many people reach a point where they are dissatisfied, confused, bored and feel like that is all that is left for them! This is completely untrue! Life is full of endless opportunities and should be full of excitement and richness. I am amazed at how many people want to settle because of some old beliefs with a life that has little or no meaning. We are here to serve a purpose and it is up to us to find that purpose!

During this recent Centered Soul Retreat, I did a little digging with my clients to help them see what they have not seen. Sometimes it takes a fresh set of eyes to view your own situation. If we "change the way we look at things, things we look at change," says Wayne Dyer. I love witnessing others own excitement when they realize there is possibility for them to have a life of meaning and fulfillment.

As I shared at the retreat, many of us have had a story playing in our mind that holds us back. We make decisions from these stories and this is where we start to veer from our path. We act and react based upon made up truths and fears in our minds. When we make decisions based on fear they are usually not right. This can be painful to realize. I have had many tears - and laughter - when clients recognize how true this type of decision making has been for them. We have to get back to our heart. It is your truth, your compass. It leads you back on your right path.  It is your guide, and so many have chosen to ignore this blessing. When we learn to make decisions from the heart and listen to our truth we start to find our way back on the path.  

I find that most people have no realization of living like this. THIS CAN CHANGE YOUR LIFE!  

Let's sit down and do some digging so you can start to create your best life!