Personal, hourly attention for a brief day or two can reset your life.

Maybe you're feeling ready to get out of a rut.

Or maybe you're just not feeling your best. I'd love to help you get the most out of every day of your life. 


This is just the beginning of you!

You can lead a fulfilling, happier life by breaking though patterns of negative thoughts, actions and habits. You will discover the best version of yourself after just a few days!

Your immersion is personally designed by me for YOUR needs. Days or weeks. Wherever you want.
— Ann

Here's how it works!

A typical immersed day might include the following*:

  • RISE AND SHINE!  Morning gratitude meditation 
  • Physical Training: Your choice of aerobic workout and weight bearing exercise
  • Breakfast: Menu of healthy choices
  • Mid-Morning Mini Mantra Workshop: Choosing a mantra for the day and discovering how it can serve you 
  • Yoga Practice: Tailored to your level
  • Lunch: Healthy prepared choices
  • Post Lunch Walk and Talk: Discovering simplicity and wellness in nature
  • Reading: A modern thought or wellness book selected by me based on your needs
  • Meditation: Learning to sit in silence and listen 
  • Dinner: Prepared by you and a chef to learn and discover how easy it can be to eat clean
  • Light Yoga and Evening Meditation 
  • Lights out: Peaceful sleep

* Bonus focus on external aspect if desired: appearance, wardrobe, closet, shopping, friendships, social life, all to compliment the EMERGING NEW YOU at higher levels of physical and mental well-being.

A plan will be put in place to help you shift where you need it the most. I will give you personal attention and manage your well being.

Fees: Please call my personal cell phone at (216) 815-5715  to discuss fees and scheduling.